School Resource Officers



ABC School Resource Officer :  Deputy Stella Byant       


 Franklin County School Resource Officer :   Sgt. Allen Ham


The Franklin County Sheriff's Office has a liaison position between the schools and the Sheriff's Office. This position is referred to as the School Resource Officer (SRO).
The SRO functions as a police officer in the school setting, developing a positive relationship with the schools, students, parents and the community. The SRO needs to balance the role of a law enforcement officer with that of a counselor and an educator.

SROs are resources for their schools.  They are trained to fulfill three primary roles.  First and foremost, they are law enforcement officers whose main purpose is to "keep the peace" in their schools so students can learn.  Second, they are law-related counselors who provide guidance and information to students, their families, and school staff along with acting as links to support services both inside and outside the school environment.  And thirdly, they are law related education teachers who provide the schools with an additional resource by sharing their expertise in the classroom.

Franklin County Sheriff's Office