Sheriff A.J. "Tony" Smith
Captain Brad Segree
Road Patrol Division
Criminal Investigations
School Resource
Captain Chester Creamer  
Jail Administrator
Courthouse Security
Support Staff
Narcotics Investigations
Lt. Gary Martina
Narcotics Investigations
Criminal Investigations
Lt. Allen Ham
911 Supervisor
Dispatch Supervisor
Courthouse Security Supervisor
SRO  / Training

Contact number for the above supervisors : 850-670-8500

Criminal and Warrants

Handles all paperwork except for juveniles for example:
Criminal witness subpoenas from the State Attorney and Public Defender Office
Criminal Summons , Warrants, and Cash Bonds
Makes sure inmates are in court on their assigned court date.
Also handles writ of attachments for child support.
Any further information contact :  Doris Rolstad at 850-670-8500  EXT. 100

Civil Division

The civil section at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office is part of the Administration Division and consists of the Enforceable Unit, the Non- Enforceable Unit and Civil Process Unit. The responsibility of this section is to effect the service and / or enforcement of all judicial process, both enforceable and non- enforceable, originating from the Supreme Court, Circuit Court, County Courts and Board of County Commissioners.  As this is part of the duties and powers of the Sheriff, pursuant to Chapter 30.15(1) Florida Statutes.
For more information Contact : Debbie Mock at 850-670-8500 Ext. 126

Finance Office

The responsibilities of the Finance Department vary greatly and include the development, implementation, maintenance and control of the Sheriff’s Office budget.  Functions include budgeting and analysis, review of accounts, purchasing approval of goods and services, control of expenditures and payments, all department payroll transactions, and other data entry functions. In addition, this division is responsible for all grant requests and grant reporting requirements, deposit of revenue from various sources and other general accounting functions as required.

The Finance Office’s primary function is to maintain departmental financial accountability to ensure internal financial controls for efficiency, accuracy and compliance.  The Finance Department and the Sheriff’s Office are audited each year by independent auditors.
For more information contact : Ginger Coulter at 850-670-8500 Ext. 134

Sheriff's Administrative Assistant

The responsibilites of the Sheriff's Assistant are to not only provide assistance to the Sheriff but also employees and volunteers as well as service to the general public. Roles include managing the personnel functions within the agency and receiving and processing employment applications for all positions.

The Adminstrative Assistant maintains all employee and auxiliary officers records and personnel files. Additional responsibilites are to manage all group health, dental and life insurance benefits, Workers Compensation and the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) entitlements. The Sheriff's Assistant also manages all FDLE registeration compliance.  For any further assistance contact Michelle Moore directly at 850-670-4807.


Franklin County Sheriff's Office