Special Investigations Unit

Special Investigations Superviser: Lt. Ronnie Jones



The Special Investigations Unit investigates illegal drug activity and operates under the philosophy that you should demand a safe, non-violent, drug free neighborhood in which to live, work and raise your family. Members of this Unit are dedicated to pro-active strategies targeting street level dealers and users that negatively impact your neighborhood and deprive you of a feeling of safety and security. The Unit works with other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in combating illegal narcotic distribution networks and also works to divert substance abusers into appropriate treatment options. We work closely with members of the State Attorney’s Office preparing successful prosecutions for drug related crimes and associated crimes of violence. The unit is also responsible for investigating crimes against persons and property, including burglary, theft, fraud, sexual assault, child abuse, and homicide. The unit realizes how widespread the use of methamphetamine has become in our county and understands the effects it has on this community. The stem of most crimes committed can be traced back to illegal drug activity and the Sheriff’s Office will work diligently to eradicate the problem.



Franklin County Sheriff's Office